Stop Allowing 'Shoulds' to Stomp Out Your Light

You, my friend, set the boundaries.

You're human. You're going to trigger people, whether you're aware of it or not. Whether you intend to or not. 

We're here, in these human suits, bumping into each other's atmospheres. Friction will occur. 

Here's the difference between standing in your truth by maintaining your energy
- or - 
Letting the friction invade your space, causing your energy to go off like Pop Rocks...

:: Are you ready? ::


Stop letting people 'should' all over you. I had a man that I don't know, come in to my space and tell me that I should be ashamed of myself.

Should I then take his words and internalize them? Should I let them bring up childhood fears and adult insecurities?

Fuck no! I can stand in my truth by acknowledging any feelings that come up and being open to any messages from Spirit to come through. 

Maybe someone says something to you that hurts or touches a nerve, but here's the can simply let that person go and not attach a new story about what people think about you. Or that you're just a bad person. Or that this person is just a bad person.

Stop letting people ‘should’ all over you.
— Dajon Smiles

:: It's simple! ::

Simply turn inward and ask...
What is this bringing up in me?
How am I feeling?
How do I desire to feel?

The desire is the SOULution. Now that you have you desire set...simply align your path and call on God, your guides, the angels to support you. They'll walk you down the path of healing, in Divine timing. 

How do you handle the person if they are more intertwined in your life?

Simple. Do what feels good. For me, I often have a soul conversation with them. I see them as God would see them.

In my soul conversation, I can thank them for bringing that soft spot into my awareness. I can see the situation through the lens of love. The emotion is stable. The love never ends in my soul conversations. 

Don't get me wrong. This step isn't always a smooth one for me, but it works wonderful miracles 100% of the time when I do it!

So, stop letting other humans project and should all over you, sweet love! Shine on!