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I've been a branding and messaging specialist for a decade and constantly see people

running into the following hurdles:

  • Too many idea and creative clutter creates a fog of indecisiveness
  • Lack of knowledge in design software, technology or other tools
  • Choices . . . too many! Which font? What colors? And so on.
  • Not knowing when to hire out and who to hire
  • Self-sabotage prevents taking action
  • To-do list is overwhelming with website, email, social media...
  • Hard to clarify and communicate what you do or you're multi-passionate and unable to niche down what you do
  • How do you even get started?
  • Or you get started and keep running into hurdles. You just want to serve the world!
  • Then there's pricing and what to charge? Freebies? Opt-ins?

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This is why I created Branding Ninja,
a branding course for soulpreneurs on a mission to share their message with the world!


Branding Ninja Modules

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This course is for you if...

  • You're a soulpreneur or virtual assistant who wants to amp up your design skills
  • You want to simplify the process of delivery your offerings and services
  • You want to act when inspired, instead of having to figure all sorts of technology to deliver your message
  • You enjoy creating your own graphics and want to add to your design skills
  • You need accountability and support to help you keep focused
  • You have lots of ideas that have left you frozen in indecision land
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How it works...


On March 5th, you'll have access to all of the modules, which are house at the Soulebration school via Teachable. The content is not dripped and it's all self-paced, but I will do live demos and break-down lessons if anyone needs the extra assistance.

The course runs for four weeks, but you'll always have access to the content and there is an option for on-going support in the Soulebration community for $22/month.

There will be two open office hours each week.
One during the day and on the weekend.
Office hours are held via Zoom and will be streamed through the Facebook group as well.

I'll be sharing live tutorials as questions or requests come in. So if you want to know how to do something, ask away and I'll share with you and the community!


Branding Ninja
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