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  • Desire want to get more in touch with their body, mind and spirit
  • Have been going, going, going and are feeling disconnected
  • Crave more connection with G.U.S. (God-Universe-Spirit)
  • Get excited at the idea of tapping into the infinite and internal wisdom within
  • Struggle with making decisions
  • Are ready to create a new relationship with the body, so they can show up even more in their soul mission
  • Feel the calling to step into the feminine and heal or attract soul mate/client relationships and friendships

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44 days of goddess

Each day, we will work with a different Goddess. Learning how to work with each Goddess will empower you to tap into this energy as you navigate your soul mission. You'll develop an relationship with this Goddess energy that will be embedded into your soul.

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journal prompts

Pen and paper serve as such a powerful tool in alchemizing our feelings into direct manifestations. These journal prompts will be channeled and curated for this group's energy. These along, can and will shift your world.


group calls

This is the real juicy part! We'll be joining once a week, as a group. Here we will share insights, tips, evidence and learn from each other's journey. You an also bring you questions or thoughts to this sacred circle, as Dajon will be facilitating live coaching. Calls will be recorded for those who can't attend live.

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meditations+ exercises

You will have access to channeled meditations for each goddess. These are great, because they can be saved to your phone or accessed even after the course. They are practical, yet get to the core so you can release and transmute old patterns.


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Somebody asked me what this course was about? The words flowed from my core and here's what I shared with her.

After some traumatic experiences and becoming a mom, I lost that inherent Divine feminine that resides within me. I started to stray away from loving my body and even found a disconnect with other women. I craved sisterhood and feeling like a true woman again, not some lost chick trying to live her soul's purpose.

I embarked on a journey that has required me to make some tough decisions, but I'm feeling so dang magical. Synchronicities every day and truly living a life that feels so in alignment, even in those raw moments that used to trigger me into old stories.

I wanted to share some of the practices in a course, but also bring together other women who are craving the same.
I want this program to be super accessible, as I feel the shift in it and just can't wait to open the doors!!!

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We are not defined by our labels. In the process of seeing woman rise up into the feminine, I've seen some losing the balance of masculine and feminine. Being a rockstar at duality, I've found a really beautiful space of what one might perceive as peaceful balance. It's not necessarily evenly yoked, yet there's a flow and dance. It allows me to be present, no matter what life may bring. I'm not running from conflict. I'm able to make decisions based on soul alignment. There's peace in my heart and that light shines so brightly that it brings in more relationships and experiences that reflect this sacred space I've created within.

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If this is even slightly calling your name, I would invite you to make the investment. You might not know why you're showing up for this immersion or you might be nervous about what all of this means. The first step in accessing the wisdom of the Goddess within is following the nudges. If it's not for you, you'll know. You probably wouldn't be all the way at the end of this text. Hee hee! 

This is your invitation, sister! I see you. I hear you. I am you. Let's journey together to a more empowered YOU!



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