What is Soulebration?

Simply put, Soulebration is a community of soul-centered entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers and change-makers united to connect, educate, empower and raise the vibration of the collective whole.

Soulebration was created by DajonSmiles after she found herself feeling lost in the shuffle. After a long healing journey post military, Dajon was ready to find her tribe and shine. She noticed that people have all of these social media friends, but can sometimes be lost in finding their real people. That was one thing she missed about the military...developing relationships with those people who have your six!

Dajon was bored with the small talk and craved connection and spiritual expansion with other soul-centered humans on a soul mission. And Soulebration was born!

  DAJON SMILES  Soulebration Founder  

Soulebration Founder

Now is the time to unite the Soul and the world.
— Rumi


You believe we are all connected and crave authentic connection.

You are sensitive or empathic.

You know in your heart that you were created with a Divine purpose in this world.

You accept and love all humans and animals!

You are seeking mass expansion so you can show up in service for the highest good.

You get bored easily with small talk about the weather or the latest touchdown by that one guy.

Your personal and business life are both part of your spiritual journey.

You own your energy and want to cultivate real relationships with others who seek to do the same.

You are a badass ninja unicorn on a soul mission to spread love and light, but also value the lessons of the darkness!

SOulebration Core Values



We believe in cultivating expansion, knowing that both the darkness and the light unite in a Divine design for our spiritual development.



We've all heard the saying that it takes a village...well, here at Soulebration, we believe finding your tribe is mission essential for our journey down here. We choose collaboration over competition.



Here you'll find a variety of free and paid learning opportunities. Choose from our monthly membership series, Soulebration LIVE Radio or our free meditation downloads and much more. We partner with SOULution Guides to cultivate growth.



We are all in this together!
We rise together!
That is why Soulebration is committed to giving back and partnering with people or organizations that do the same.


Other awesome stuff


Join us throughout your week for our spontaneous dance breaks! We love when special guests join us, so reach out if you'd like to join us live in studio!



We believe in collaboration.
We also like buying for other soul-centered humans!
So we're building a mindful market space where you can easily access Soulebration partners!



We host LIVE events are always excited to see what our next destination will be! Calgary and Denver on our radar, but feel free to let us know if your town is ready for some Soulebration loving!

We super duper love to partner with people who know the area and have relationships built with vendors, speakers and venues!