Angela Lynn Photography - Minnesota

Natural light photography for families, children, newborns, high school seniors, couples, and professionals. Corporate and nonprofit events.

I’m a born and raised Minnesota girl with a passion for storytelling. I’ve always loved photography, but focused the early years of my career on writing. When my daughter Ruby was born 11 years ago with a rare genetic disorder, it was hard to find a photographer who was patient enough or willing to take time to capture quality images of her. In my quest to capture my baby girl’s early years with my own camera, my love of photography grew into a true passion. Today, i’m blessed to be able to capture special moments for others and I couldn’t be happier.

I find that the best photos often come when we’re not focused on getting the perfect pose, but simple enjoying the moment -- that’s when our true selves come out to shine! I can’t wait to meet you and help you create memories that last forever!

Elizabeth Peru's Weekly Energy Forecast SubscriptioN


hat is the Tip-Off? The Tip-Off is your essential 7-day in advance cosmic guide, giving you the heads up on current universal energies and patterns affecting your life. The Tip-Off gives you a clear and direct window into your future, allowing you to make informed decisions, guiding you daily. Delivered as a written forecast, you can view it, print it or access The Tip-Off on-the-go, across all of your mobile devices.

The Tip-Off Forecast has been followed by thousands worldwide as a spot-on predictor of upcoming events. Plus in each issue Elizabeth expertly provides practical daily spiritual guidance, suggested activities and grounded advice on how to use the cosmic energy to your advantage.


Noteworthy Web Design



Noteworthy Web Design is focused on providing custom Wordpress website design helping individuals and small business owners enhance their online presence through secure mobile-friendly website design (Google’s recommended method), fast page load time, and search engine optimization to ensure great experience for potential customers, which results in more conversions for your business. I pride myself on being easy to work with, ethical, responsive, trustworthy, and customer service oriented with my clients.



I provide relaxing, deep healing energy and sound healing sessions; soul mentoring, and toe reading. I also have the BioTech Sound Chair; a wonderful sound/healing experience! A very comfortable lounge chair where you listen to music while the chair vibrates to the sound. This allows you to enter the deep relaxing Theta space and aligns your Hara line. I also host an annual Holistic Fair in July each year.

Shanda Trofe - Authorpreneur Mentor

Bestselling author, publisher, and author coach, Shanda Trofe, is the Founder of Spiritual Writers Network, an online community of over 3,000 writers and authors, and President and CEO of Transcendent Publishing and Write from the Heart, LLC. Aptly named the Authorpreneur Mentor, Shanda aims to educate aspiring authors not only on the business of writing and publishing but also how to grow an empire based on the core concepts of their published work.

Shanda understands that each writer has individualized needs, and aims to educate authors on the options available so they can choose the writing and publishing path that’s right for them. But first, she works diligently with her clients to lead them through the writing process, helping to find their voice and extract the unique messages they possess within.

Online Courses

  • Authorpreneur Academy
  • Write & Publish Kindle Ebooks
  • 8-Week Book Writing Course
  • Periscope Your Business
  • Building an Author Platform

Sheila Van Houten - Palm Reading

There's magic in the palm of your hand! Use it to create the life you want. Your life, love, livelihood and luck illuminated! 

Palm-reading special

$40 (Regular Price $65) on your 20-minute in-depth palm reading

Lovely 4x6" gift cards, as seen in image, make great stocking stuffers! Give the most unique gift of all. No two palms are exactly alike, so it's all about them!

Visionary Insight Press

Visionary Insight Press Represents Today’s Best-Selling Authors and Sought-After Professional Speakers. If you are interested in sharing your message with the world and enthusiastic regarding the possibility of being a part of our professional VIP Team of Best-Selling Authors, Speakers, and Featured Experts, you’ve come to the right place!



Zachary Avery - Massage Therapist - Oklahoma

If you are looking for a massage therapist in Tulsa, you've just found the best. Whether you have specific injury or are just interested in general relaxation, Zachary is waiting to tailor your appointments to meet your particular needs. Though massage is sometimes considered a "treat" mainly for relaxation purposes, Zachary's practice is 75-80% therapeutic work oriented toward enhancing your health, performance, and quality of life. Zachary has brought it all under one roof while simultaneously empowering his clients by teaching them home remedies, stretches, cleanses, and other self-care strategies that can incorporate into their daily lives to help prevent pain and illness.